Beagle Two-Way Bluetooth Tracker

Beagle Two-Way Bluetooth Tracker


Beagle is a small tracker that uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to help locate and remember important personal items. The Beagle & Beagle app can alert you when you may be leaving without your most important items or map the location they were last paired

  • Two-way tracking to locate your phone and/or Beagle device
  • Includes a split ring to conveniently connect to a personal item (i.e. keys)
  • Find Mode sounds an alarm from the Beagle device to locate it
  • Find Mode can also Map your last paired location
  • Tether Mode can send an alert before you leave behind important items
  • Search Party is a lost and found community for Beagle users
  • Connect and manage up to four Beagle devices
  • Replaceable battery
  • Free app for IOS and Android devices
  • Dimensions: 1.42″ x 1.42″ x 0.28″  /  0.3 oz
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